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Steam Fish with Sauce

Steam Fish with Sauce (Serves 4)


300g Grouper meat or Parrot fish meat
8 stick of Celery, shredded
8 stick of Carrot, shredded


1 tsp corn starch
egg white
tsp salt
2 tsp cooking oil


5 tbsp Pat Chun Sweetened Vinegar
1 tbsp Pat Chun Spice vinegar
1 tbsp Pat Chun Brown Rice Vinegar
1 tbsp Pat Chun Soy Sauce Supreme
6 tbsp water
6 tsp sugar
1 tbsp Shao Wine
½ tsp salt
1½ tsp corn starch


1. Slice the fish and then fold. Make 5-6 incisions in middle of each folded piece. Marinade fish.
2. Fold fish meat to form a flower, put celery, carrot at the middle. Brush the fish edge with corn starch. Put on the dish which brushed cooking oil.
3. Steam with full flame for 6 minutes, remove water.
4. Bring sauce to boil. Pour on fish. Serve.