Humble Beginnings

The company was auspiciously named "Pat Chun", after a 2,000 year old entry in the Zhou Dynasty annuls, meaning "eight delicious dishes worthy of the Emperor". 

In 1932 Mr. Ng Wai Sum founded Pat Chun, setting up his grocery store in Mong Kok, Hong Kong. Remaining the traditional philosophy "Innovative and Traditional Merge", Pat Chun's signature sweetened vinegar and soy sauce become a mainstay in many Hong Kong households and gain a reputation for superior quality and outstanding taste. 

Burgeoning business in the late 1950s meant that the Mong Kok factory had to be relocated to the larger Kwai Chung site in the New Territories. In 1965 the factory was moved to Sai Kung. Pat Chun continues to invest in its strength as a quality Hong Kong sauce manufacturer. We moved to our brand new brewery facility in 2012; the company’s production capacity will be greatly increased and enabling us to serve more customers with our products. 


First Store 
Pat Chun's flagship MongKok store - 1950s 

Old Hong Kong 
Old Hong Kong