Chicken with Pat Chun Lemon Vinegar (Serve 4) - Pat Chun International Limited

Chicken with Pat Chun Lemon Vinegar(Serve 4)


300g chicken steak, sliced
2 tbsp cooking oil


½tsp salt
2tbsp Pat Chun Lemon Vinegar
3tbsp corn starch


6 tbsp Pat Chun Lemon Vinegar
2 tbsp water
1 tbsp sugar
1 tsp corn starch
½ tsp Pat Chun Chili Sauce
Dash of lemon peel, chopped


1. Marinate chicken meat.
2. Mix sauces with Pat Chun Chili Sauces
3. Sauté chicken meat of oil until golden on both sides. Cut in to pieces. Dish up.
4. Boil sauce. Add corn starch after it boil. Pour over chicken. Serve.