Steak with Pat Chun Rose Vinegar (Serve 2 to 3) - Pat Chun International Limited

Steak with Pat Chun Rose Vinegar(Serve 2 to 3)


230g Steak
15g onion
2g salt
8g corn starch
4 tbsp Pat Chun Rose vinegar
Dash of cooking oil


1 tbsp Pat Chun Red Vinegar
1 tsp Pat Chun Chili Sauces
2 tbsp Pat Chun Plum Sauce
2 tbsp Pat Chun Kecap Manis


1. Divide the steak into five, frenched. Mix with salt, water and corn starch.
2. Sautéd steak in oil until both sides change color to medium well.
3. Stir-fry onion. Bring sauce to boil, then add steak, corn starch and water.
4. Add Rose vinegar. Serve.