Pat Chun’s Identity

Pat Chun is a company established in Hong Kong in the 1930s to cater to our people's love and passion for great food. It has been a company managed and staffed by local talents from the very beginning. When it comes to designing a new logo, labels and packaging to commemorate Pat Chun’s 80th anniversary, we naturally engaged the esteemed local graphic designer Mr. Alan Chan, who understands our brand, our value and what we mean to Hong Kong, to help with the task.    

 Pat Chun's New Logo


The new logo of Pat Chun is sophisticatedly demonstrated using the symbol “8” to represent the meaning of “eight delicious dishes worthy of the Emperor".  Integrating oriental cultures with contemporary presentation, the new brand identity is unique in lifestyle, artistic and creative sensitivities


Eight Auspicious Treasures


Throughout Pat Chun’s new labels and packaging, you will find graphic patterns created using eight auspicious symbols.  These symbols are inspired by the eight auspicious treasures in Chinese traditional culture to symbolize the blessings for life, such as pure mind, great wisdom, authority, honor, prosperity, fortune and good health.


The Eight Auspicious Symbols are a group of lucky symbols that appear on many Chinese traditional textiles, objects and paintings.  They are:



 Lucky Knot

Lucky Knot (吉祥結)

Represents the union of infinite wisdom and method.


 Lotus Flower

Lotus Flower (蓮花)

Symbolises the purification of the mind and spirit.


 Precious Umbrella

Precious Umbrella (寶傘)

Symbolises the wholesome activity of preserving beings from illness, harmful forces, obstacles in life.


 White Conch Horn

  Precious White Conch Horn (白海螺)

Symbolises the deep, far-reaching and melodious sound of the Dharma teachings.


 Buddha Wheel

 Wheel of Buddha (金輪)

Symbolises the joy of wholesome deeds and liberation.


  Winning Banner

 Winning Banner (勝利幢)

Symbolises the victory of one's own mind over obstacles and negativitities.


 Treasure Vase

Treasure vase (寶瓶)

Symbolises long life, wealth and prosperity.


 Double Fish

 Double Fish (寶魚)

Symbolises the auspiciousness of all living beings in a state of fearlessness.