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Festive Food

Pat Chun is not only a Hong Kong Sauce brewery, we are also the makers of very popular traditional foods.

The founder Ng Wai Sum’s father Ng Tong is a skilled chef from the city of Shunde, the traditional seat of Cantonese cuisine. Not only did Ng Tong train his son in the skill of brewing hundreds of sauces, he also imparted the craft of preparing traditional snacks and delicacies.

Not long after Ng Wai Sum opened his first shop, the region was embroiled in the second world war, and the economy was depressed for many years even after the end of hostilities. As a means of encouragement for his neighbours and friends, during celebrations of Chinese festivals, Ng Wai Sum would prepare gifts of traditional snacks with the recipes he learnt from his father.

As the economy recovered in the 50s and 60s, the demand for his gifts soared, and he was able to turn it into a flourishing line of business. The fact that these products were originally intended as gifts means they are made with extra care and attention to detail that is not found in typical commercial products.