Healthy Delicious Concept - Pat Chun International Limited

Our Values

Mr Ng Wai Sum founded Pat Chun based on simple values.

To ferment aromatic vinegars, brew tasty sauces, prepare nutritious foods.

Our company was founded on this humble belief in providing families with tasty and nutritious foods. Though our values are simple, to live them out require perseverance:

Perseverance in traditional methods:
Despite the evolution of technology, the tastiest sauces are still brewed according to traditional methods. The multi-layered sensory experience cannot be replicated through industrial production.

Perseverance in our HK legacy:
Though relocated many times, our main brewery remains in HK. Traditional recipes require traditional craftsmen and craftsmanship, we believe the only way to maintain our traditional taste is by passing our craft from one generation of Hong Kongers to the next.

Insistence on using natural ingredients:
We avoid preservatives and artificial flavor enhancers. Because we believe the best foods is not only tasty, but also nutritious. Traditional fermentation takes longer, but results in more nutritious products that avoids the use of additives.

Perseverance in Quality:
We use the freshest seasonal ingredients, sourced from around the world.