A Fortifying Confinement Dish

After giving birth, the new mother is expected to observe a 40-day period of confinement to recuperate from the fatigue of pregnancy. To help the new mother recover her strength, she is fed the calcium and protein-rich dish of Pork Knuckles & Ginger Stew. Each ingredient is a key component of this stew's fortifying properties (and it tastes great too!):

 The vinegar dissolves some calcium from the bones in the pork knuckles, easing absorption into the body.

 The unsweetened vinegar dilutes the thick stew, and also plays an important role in stimulating blood circulation. The liver produces bile, which is stored and released by the gall bladder to digest oil and fat.

 Herbs and spices present in the vinegar contain phyto nutrients, which chemicals research has shown to be anti-oxidents.

 Ginger is good for health. Not only is it an aid to digestion, it contains high levels of vitamin C, is widely acknowledged to have a calming effect, and is said to expel the "wind" that normally builds up at childbirth.

 Eggs are full of protein.

 Sugars, which are present in the form of glucose and fructose, replenish energy.

For generations, Chinese families have also distributed this dish to family and friends to announce the joyous arrival of the newborn 12 days after the baby's birth. When the infant is one month old, the family invites relatives and friends to partake of his "one month celebration" - there is a sumptuous feast (which, of course, includes Pork Knuckles & Ginger Stew) and everyone gets to see the baby.