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Food tips during pregnancy
Five grains
- Rice, macaroni, rice noodles, flour vermicelli
- After birth: glutinous rice, red rice and brown rice as a substitute for rice
- Pearl barley, coix seed – as it may induce miscarriage by stimulating contraction of uterus
Meat and fish
- Lean meat (pork shank, fish meat, and chicken breast)
- Remove skin, fat and organs of chickens (except black-skinned chicken)
- Processed meat ( beacon and ham)
- Shell seafood (shrimp, scallop and crab) – induce allergy
- Seaweed
Vegetables and fruits
- Fruits rich in folic acid
(pomegranate, strawberry, cherry, guava and grapes)
- Chinese chives and hawthorn– induce miscarriage by stimulating contraction of uterus
- Fruits: Durian, lychee, longan, mango, pineapple, banana, watermelon, persimmon, tapioca, plums, pitaya, papaya
- Water, warm milk, warm soy milk
- Caffeinated drinks (tea, coffee and coca cola) – it may be harmful to babies’ central nervous system and development of intelligence
- Alcohol – it may be induce miscarriage
- Cold drinks– it may be induce stomach discomfort and affect babies’ blood circulation
- As bland as possible.
- Season with salt, red sugar, sesame oil and black glutinous rice wine
- Add black fungus to dishes – conducive to discharge of lochia
- A lot of salt – increase blood pressure and worsen edema for pre-eclampsia patients
- A lot of sugar – lead to excessive weight gain and obesity