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Before and After Childbirth:

Early stage of pregnancy
- Wheatgerm oil and sweet almond oil can help reduce and prevent stretch marks.
- Eat small meals frequently may decrease severity of nausea and heartburn during pregnancy.
- Sour food such as preserved plums and sweet & sour shallots may increase appetite and aid digestion.

30 days pre-childbirth
- Preparation for pork knuckles & ginger stew
1.Peel ginger and hammer with flat part of a knife. Then boil with sweetened vinegar for 2 hours. Use clay, stainless steel or glass pots.  Aluminium, copper or other metallic utensils should be avoided.
2.Re-boil everyweek to prevent bacteria and mold from forming.
Note: Ginger must be completely immersed in vinegar. Add more vinegar if necessary.

- Using ginger essential oil in bath helps expel the wind in the body and improves blood circulation.
- Breastfeeding mothers may drink nursing tea frequently to increase lactation.

11 days post childbirth
- Preparation for pork knuckles & ginger stew
1. Blanch pork knuckles in water to clean the pork knuckles and rids it of fat. Rinse, drain and set aside.
2. Add Sweetened Vinegar and Black Rice Vinegar to vinegar-ginger mixture to taste.
3. Add pork knuckles and bring it to boil, reduce heat and cook until the pork knuckles are cooked.
4. Add boiled and de-shelled eggs. Bring to boil and switch off fire. Leave it aside overnight to allow the flavour to immerse.

12 days post childbirth
- Pork knuckles & ginger stews are distributed to family and friends.
- Mothers who gave birth naturally can start enjoying ginger stew when the discharge of lochia becomes light.

1 month post childbirth
- Mothers who give birth by caesarean section can start enjoying ginger stew when the surface of the wound has healed (about two to three weeks) after childbirth.