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Soy Sauce : Art of Natural Brewing
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Stage 1: Substrate Preparation
Mix soybeans, wheat and solution of salt thoroughly; then inoculate fungal spores.
 Stage 2: Koji Fermentation and Moromi
Fungal spores produce enzymes which break down complex soy bean proteins into amino acids at a designated temperature.
 Stage 3: Refinement of soy sauce
The mixture is strained, pasteurized and bottled.


How to pick quality soy sauce?
The fragrance and quality of soy sauce depends on
1. Content of protein
2. Amino acid profiles and ingredients
3. Brewing experience of chefs
4. Quality of soy beans
- Tasting and color observation are important indicators in selecting soy sauce with superior quality.


Why to choose Pat Chun’s soy sauce?
1. Pat Chun’s soy sauce is 100% naturally brewed under high standards of hygiene, safety and management.
2. Selected soy beans fermented for 48 hours on bamboo sieve after inoculation of fungus.
3. Incubation of soy sauces takes up to 6 months (Optimum fermentation time) to mature.
4. No artificial colors, preservatives and MSG
- High quality & delicious Pat Chun soy sauce is also a natural and healthy choice.


For some soy sauce brand to reduce costs and bypass this lengthy process,
1. Replace naturally brewed soy sauce with hydrolyzed vegetable protein (HVP)
2. Mix corn syrup, caramel coloring, salt and water to produce a metallic tasting synthetic soy sauce
3. By-products 3MCPD, a chemical contaminant and suspected carcinogenic substance, is produced.