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Where to find us in HK

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Pat Chun Sweetened Vinegar & Chinese Sauce at HK Supermarkets


  2. City'super Supermarket (customer hotline:2736 3866)

  3. TASTE Supermarket HK(customer hotline:2606 8658)

  4. Market Place by Jasons (customer hotline:2299 3966)

  5. AEON Stores Supermarket (customer hotline:2565 3668)

  6. YATA Store Supermarket (customer hotline:2694 1111)

  7. SOGO Causeway Store B2 (customer hotline:2833 8338)

All Pat Chun vouchers (including pork knuckle vouchers, new year cake vouchers, Tuen Ng rice dumpling vouchers, mooncake vouchers) can only be redeemed at designed Pat Chun Shops in Hong Kong.  

They CAN NOT be redeemed at any supermarkets or non-Pat Chun outlets.