Overseas Distributor

You can find Pat Chun's superb products in many parts of the World. Below are our international distributors. Feel free to contact them to find your favorite Pat Chun's products locally.

 Australia Grand Coral Australia Pty Ltd.  
88 Canterbruy Road,
Bankstown, NSW2200

Tel: +61-02-9791 6818
 Canada Y.M. Yeung Trading Co. Ltd. 
50 Emblem Court,
Tel: +1-416-292-3939
  Olympic Distributors Ltd. 
Burnaby, British Columbia 
Tel: +1-604-420-8022
   Netherlands Oriental Holding Europe. 
Broekermeerstraat 135, 

2131 AR Hoofddorp 
The Netherlands

Canada Oriental Holding Europe



 U.S.A. Chevalier International (USA) Inc. 
South San Francisco 
California, USA
Tel: +1-650-877-8118
  Summit Import Corporation 
Jersey City 
New Jersey, USA
Tel: +1-201-985-9800


If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to write us at info@patchun.com.