Ginger, Pork's Knuckles and Eggs in Sweetened Vinegar
Custom Made Pork's Knuckles to Go.
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Pork Knuckles & Ginger Stew


Made from pork knuckles, hardboiled eggs, ginger and Pat Chun Sweetened Vinegar, this traditional postnatal health food replenishes and fortifies women after childbirth. Freshly made to order by Pat Chun's expert chefs, this delicious and nutritious dish is also presented to friends and relatives to announce the addition of a newborn to the family.


Pork Knuckles, Egg, Ginger & Sweet Vinegar (Water, Sugar, Rice, Caramel & Spices.)

Net Weight:

530g; 3kg (6 Persons Serving); 6kg (12 Persons Serving)

No MSG No Colouring No Preservatives